Turn OFF that noise

Once we’re going through the healing crisis it is extremely beneficial  to turn OFF our MIND, even for a few minutes per day. We want to relax and chill while in the chaos of the storm, but usually we can’t.  Our pre-programmed system is leading us to emotional distress. The electrical wiring in a brain is getting out of control, because there’s the need to be in control. Neurons in the human brain receive electrical signals from thousands of other cells, and long neural extensions. Overthinking about our health it’s all about control.   One of the most prevalent fears we have is that of losing control. Any disturbance to the status quo of being healthy feels unbearable. We always think that we need to do something  about our diagnosis. Surprisingly, the act of doing nothing can get us out of our thoughts.  Our mind is like a noisy radio station with a terrible taste in musicIf we go beyond that, it’s too loud, and the noise starts to negatively affect our bodies vibrations. The heart intelligence wants from our unhealthy, ill or injured body to take the last minute totally irrational vacation trip, having sex with a broken leg in cast  or a dip in the water of the  Ganges in India.  It’s totally irrational, but  it works. The healing power of hope is always within and around us.    Those little things  might not heal us physically yet, but those things heal us emotionally by adding more wings to our lives. And yes, hope is the thing with feathers. While there’s life there’s hope. Simply by replacing our worried mind with our calming or joyful heart, we are instantly changing the chemistry in our body. I strongly believe in this, because is is my own experience. It is my own story. I healed myself that way from a traumatic brain injury and many other injuries. If interested, please read my healing story and my near death experience.  When we are tired for waiting for a miracle, we might take the healing matters into our own hands. Take responsibility for our illness created by our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.  When we step in, something magical  is going to happen to us and directly to our illness. Yes, we can still enjoy our life even with most the scariest diagnosis in the world. Being so deadly serious and so harsh on ourselves it’s destroying our hope. Destroying our natural physical and mental immune system.  Yes, it’s OK not being OK. It’s the little things that make the big difference. Pleasing to the body and senses. Being still alive no matter what. This is not about waiting patiently for a  miracle. This is about finding that we can do much more with our illness than we think. Health touch everyone’s life differently. Let’s say that we went from being a  healthy person to being in the hospital for 30 days and nights straight. We still can make it all a little easier. Our body is sending us messages a long time before we are getting ill, whether we’re aware of them or not. Whatever the signal, the message is clear and it might say something like PLEASE STOP. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We ignore the messages coming from our bodies, rather than taking the time to address the root cause. These physiological signals are unique for each individual.  Just imagine,  if our body could talk, what kind of letters from our body  we will be getting. We might write those feelings to ourselves and easily reply to them. It’s a beautiful healing game.  We can understand why this illness or disease is with us and  recognize our own alarm signals, to  prevent a further damage to our physical and emotional well being.  Yes, we may not always have a healthy life, and we will not always be able to solve all of the health issues at once but the importance of having love, light and hope for ourselves can lead us to our big little HEALING MIRACLE, deeply hidden within.  It is our very own heart and it is rarely cancerous. The choice is always ours.