Stop The Fight

The heart, brain and body all influence health. Our health depends on a wide range of factors, but mostly it depends on how deeply we are connected or disconnected from the intelligence of our heart. The legendary reggae singer Bob Marley once said: “The day you stop racing, is the day you win the race.” It is so simple.  I would say that the day you stop fighting, is the day you win the war and reconnect instantly with THE REAL ME. I believe the easiest and fastest way to heal our emotional and  physical pain directly from the roots is not through the hateful fight always titled AGAINST. The fight against Alzheimer’s disease. The fight against Cancer. The fight against COVID 19. And the list goes on.  The language used around almost every disease seems to revolve around wartime rhetoric: battle, warrior, strike, beat, fight. And our obituaries are filled with sentences such as He lost his brave fight or She put up a long, courageous fight or  She put up a valiant fight against breast cancer.  In general, if we fight for our limitations, we get to keep them. Fire cannot burn fire.  There are  no winners or losers, heroes or villains in this illusionary war.  We live in a society where we are hard-wired to fight, race and compete to win. This is our daily preprogramed system. And yes, most of the people   are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so dependent on this preprogramed system that they will fight to protect it.  It creates tension, stress and the world’s biggest killer: heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular disease or Alzheimer’s disease. However, peace is when we are able to accept things the way they are. Peace is energetically stronger than war because it heals. Peace requires us to surrender our illusions of control. I believe to heal and liberate our  diseases fully, completely and permanently should be done only through the peaceful self healing system of conscious understanding.  Healing through the awareness of internal and external existence. Our diagnose, sickness, ailment, disability, disorder, virus, syndrome or pain should never be considered as an enemy to fight with. Pain is a universal experience and it’s a biological mechanism that maintains balance in our system.  Light and darkness or being healthy and unhealthy are basic natural phenomena. The relationship between light and darkness should be  viewed as complementary rather than oppositional.  I know it is hard to  swallow this  at first.  Light and darkness are rather construed as different grades of the same substance. Practically for a thousand years all religions and our communities had already divided our physical world into “children of light” to be ultimately saved and “children of darkness” cursed to eternal damnation. The light and darkness are not diametrically opposed as two hostile principles but are conceived as complementary cosmic modes and creative forces. Imagine, the Chinese yin and yang or complementary colours like black and white. Complementary colours are pairs of colours which, when combined or mixed, cancel each other out.   All we need to do is to relearn to transform our relationship with pain and keep our minds and hearts open. Our heart is a  beautiful creation of the true nature allowing everything  unnatural fall apart. The greatest battle is that which requires no battle. In other words, stop the fight now. Surrender. Love. Trust. As soon as we trust ourselves, we will know how to live without a fight. This is where the effortless healing begins naturally. Being at peace  is the nature of life.