When Playing The Victim Role

A victim mentality can take a toll on emotional and physicall well-being.  People with this mindset might feel like: “I am over fifty, I am too old, I deserved this  arthritis”, “My father died from pancreatic cancer, no wonder, I am having it too”  or “Bad things happen and will keep happening to me.” This is a typical scenario when our mind won’t turn off and we are avoiding responsibilities for ourselves, placing blame elsewhere. It’s understandable that people who face one difficulty after another may start to believe the world is against them. A sense of POWERLESSNESS is a misrepresentation of a “real” sensory stimulus. In reality, we are extremely powerful energetic beings enjoying or suffering a human experience. As I previously mentioned, an estimation of 50 Trillion cells in our human body work together for the physical, emotional and spiritual balance and harmony of the person. Our physical body take our manual from the mind, but also receives vibrational instructions from the environment. If 50 trillion cells experience a negative environment, the cells are impacted negatively. If 50 trillion cells experience a positive environment, the cells are impacted positively. If 50 trillion cells experience a neutral environment, the cells are impacted neutrally. Cells in collaboration might create the big little miracle that is the perfectly healthy human body. The average cell contains a resting voltage of approximately 70 millivolts or 0.07 volts. The minimum voltage potential for a human body is greater than 3.5 trillion volts. That’s real power right there. Therefore, healing is not always a choice of the power of the mind. It is a choice of the power of the heart intelligence.  Therefore, let’s be beautiful and kind to ourselves. That would be a very good starting point of any healing session.