Releasing the LGBTQ STIGMA energy

for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning people

The Healing Energy Works therapy will wake up the heart intelligence to rise up and to restore the damage done to our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health by the LGBTQ stigma. The therapy consists of a combination of ancient sacred healing art with a focus on inner union to dissolve fear, shame, guilt and emotional debt around our our sexual orientation. This unique only 90 minutes healing therapy, especially created for LGBTQ community can have a dramatic, positive effect integrating sexual orientation into one’s life in a balanced way. In short, THE HEALING ENERGY WORKS THERAPY is always a self love healing journey. Reconnecting with our HEART INTELLIGENCE and THE REAL ME. Living without fear. Living authentically. Living the life free of stigma. 

If you need another healing session, completely customized to your needs, please feel free to ask.

– Coming Out Issues

– Relationship Problems

– Anxiety & Panic Attacks

– Childhood Traumas

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