The LGBTQ Stigma

The effects of stigma and its various contextual manifestations in the lives of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people is extremely high. The LGBTQ community is especially vulnerable to homophobia, emotional and physical abuse, prejudice, discrimination, and violence. Even today not all therapists will be knowledgeable or sympathetic to LGBTQ issues. Unconsciously, we are still slaves of the world’s religions imprint negative beliefs of sexuality, sexual expressions and  sexual orientation. We learn at a young age that we’re different and we need to hide parts of ourselves.  Suppose we grew up in a totally supportive environment, there still might be cultural, religious and social conditions that boys and girls should be a certain way. Many cultures and societies control, repress and shame LGBTQ people’s sexual orientation.  Many of us learn at a young age that what our bodies feel and desire is wrong. This has been echoed deeply in our unconscious mind and mental programming. Sometimes we think that our inner power energy connection  has been removed from us. Sometimes we have developed a victim mentality as the result of LBTQ stigma, early life conditioning and coping mechanisms. It is not our fault at all. For the last couple of decades, the LGBTQ evolution cured gay people of psychiatrists and electric shock conversion therapy. Homosexuality is not a sin that you need to purge from your system anymore. And yes, our birth right being fully, completely and permanently free is  getting better every year. Slowly, but surely. However, small daily struggles still make LGBTQ people feel like they have to hide at all cost. Fear is tricky. It can be crippling.  This might shape how we think and what we feel about ourselves. We start to act, altering our voices to make them sound deeper amid fears of discrimination and stereotyping. Subconsciously, we are altering our body language and hand gestures to avoid being label too gay, lesbian or queer.  How do we feel holding hands with our partner in public for fear of negative or violent response might show our inner strength, also called in a Sanskrit Atma Bala,  the strength of the true self. THE REAL ME. We might hold our hands for a while just to find out that  our hands are no longer holding.  We are a walking meal for the mouths of normality. Please see this beautiful poetry video here. We start to control everything because we don’t want to lose control.  But we never had control, all we had was anxiety.  Tearing us apart from ourselves. Piece by piece. Being less authentic, more pleasing in our relationships and play many different social roles. Homophobia and the systemic abuse and oppression of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans-identified people continues. All men are made of the same clay, but we have already experienced that society norms smell like hate. The use of hate  in society is a complex phenomenon, but it is always the absence of love. Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great collective cloud of hate energy, we are breathing it in, living in it and  hiding in it sometimes. Simply, we are not healthy. People may attempt to cope with these issues in any number of ways, and unfortunately not everyone knows how to deal with the LGBTQ stigma.