Healing Our Inner Child

Grown ups are certainly very strange.

Yes, we are certainly very strange. We are the wounded adults, we have rising rates of allergies, autoimmune problems, gut related disorders and heart rhythm disturbances. We as adults  are sometimes the absurd ones, going nowhere quickly and persisting stubbornly in mindless pursuits of a happier life. The child doesn’t  look for happiness. The wise child in us finds, brings and shares happiness. The child has a clever inner energy, it has a unique ability to forget bad experiences and concentrate on the good times.  Living in the presence. I deeply believe that children are better teachers than yoga instructors or gurus.  It’s something inside that makes a huge difference in the way we feel on a daily basis. Most of the time as an adult, we feel pretty comfortable being bored at work and proudly calling it a good decent well-paying job , paying our mortgages and staying in unhappy relationships. We are refusing to walk down to memory lane and simply recalling how the world seemed brighter when we were a child. We think that we need to hide our childhood. Growing up too soon, being in denial of childhood trauma or being ignorant about almost everything. We simply say we don’t remember. It was a while ago. The faded memories have become so unimportant or so small that it is not worth mentioning during our adulthood. Being serious about everything, complicating everything and rationalizing everything  is our daily mantra. This  hateful, selfish and ignorant mantra kills our inner child day by day and the sparkle in our eyes has gone out forever.  Without the inner child HELP there can be no forgiveness to ourselves, understanding or letting go. We will stay wounded, victimized and vulnerable to our fears. The inner child reconnection therapy might balance the conflict between the innocence of childhood and the responsibilities of adulthood.




Grow up and act like an adult is a selfish plastic phrase. Being an adult can be a confusing thing to do, especially if we aren’t sure what being an adult is all about. We just think we know. What we know are common lies our parents told us as kids. For instance: The toy store is closed. What we feel inside might be completely opposite. I personally believe, that there is no such a thing as being adult. It is only the myth of the adult, and we are suckered into playing that social game. But once we simply replace the word adulthood with the word responsibility the social game will start to lose their players. Being adult  means only one thing and that is being responsible towards ourselves. The beauty and the strength of responsibility lies in its roots. Seeing responsibility as something joyful instead of a burden. We might think responsible kids don’t just happen.  Unfortunately, parents often confuse obedience with responsibility. The myth that homework teaches responsibility stubbornly persists. Responsibility is bringing  a lost dog  on the street to home and reunite him with his owners. Responsibility is writing I love you, I am Sorry, Please forgive me and Thank you  notes. Responsibility is to let go  what doesn’t belong to us.  Whatever is done with love is always done well.  Doing something with love is our biggest life responsibility. But, we are doing mostly everything with hate on a daily basis. Hating  our grumpy reflections in the bathroom mirror. We simply forgot to smile naturally and we have replaced that beautiful natural smile with mimicries of a  moldy fake smile.  The unnatural recycled smile that wants  to please everyone and the world around us. But never the world in us.  Being hateful towards ourselves is being hateful towards others. And this is extremely irresponsible. So as adults are we really responsible or irresponsible? We are not an adult because we are biologically older. There might be a joyful teenager who’s being responsible enough, dependable, accountable and entirely independent. There might be a sixty years old person who’s deadly serious about being called an adult, but still far from being responsible, dependable and independent. Feeling superior, filled with useless information and life experiences and still calling that joyful teenager an idiot, only because that teen “is not and adult yet and doesn’t know a damm thing about the life.” We are not an adult because we can legally drink, wearing a suit, having a job, paying by platinum credit cards, being a parent and raising kids or being an upstanding member of the society and getting awards. All adults are creatures produced by our dysfunctional social structure. It is the manipulative strategy of the society that’s turning human beings into unimaginative robots remotely controlled by the collective consciousness. Acting like an adult, age appropriateness, generational gap and aging are just learned behavior like standing every time the national anthem is played. Slowly, but surely, decade by decade we are just creating the illusory thick wall of adulthood until we die. Our inner child is not having this social sickness. The inner child is helping us to not grow up and act like an adult, but finding joy in growing into responsibility. The term inner child doesn’t refer to the part of our brain that is active for having childish thoughts.  The inner child is an autonomous and hidden form deep within. It reflects the child we once were and stay with us for eternity. The inner child is an active part of our THE REAL ME system. That little kid is literally a child of LOVE happily kicking beyond our physical dimension of our existence.  Our  inner child is our essence, the aspect of our awareness that is naturally innocent, uncomplicated and playful.  The inner child is the one who just never grew up. And it never should. Our inner child  is not worrying about what others want or expect. As a child, we are programmed to obey and trust adult. Many of our thoughts, habits and behavior  are passed down from our family, society and culture. We should forgive ourselves for everything we were taught as children by adults.  


All things are connected or disconnected.  The healed inner child always wants to be connected, alive and loved. The life is a beautiful playground.  Everyone we meet is a potential friend. Getting our hands dirty is OK and healthy. The millions of bacteria and viruses  that enter the body along with “dirt” spur the development of a healthy immune system. Everything is equally amazing with a sense of purpose.  Our inner child is our perfect imperfection and will open our eyes to new things and make us want to become the very best version of ourselves. Always loved. Always beautiful. Always blessed.   As children, we are remarkably aware. We absorb and process our daily life at a speed that we’ll never again come close to achieving. Our childhood memories  should remind us how joyful we were when we viewed the world from a more innocent and enthusiastic perspective. We should take time to appreciate the colours and smell of the kitchen we walk in everyday, the smell of the freshly baked cookies we just took out of the oven, or the feel of the new jeans we just bought. We should become loving and caring fathers and mothers to our inner child and our inner child will become our loving and caring  fathers and mothers to us.  If we do inner-child work by reconnecting to the little boy or girl within us, we can liberate and let go  any negative emotions we might be holding on to. When we begin to understand them, then the little big miracle of  transformation can occur. This type of deep spiritual reconnection affects all areas of our life. Our life patterns will be more colorful, interesting and exciting. Our attitude is like a box of crayons that color  our world and I’d like my crayons back, please. In short, let’s do whatever makes our soul happy. That’s the inner child in us. Our inner child is still ageless. We might leave our dysfunctional relationships. We might quite our job. We might buy that red Porsche Carrera we always wanted. We might create a thousand miracles for ourselves. Because we suddenly CAN DO THIS.  When we truly allow ourselves to dream without limitations than we liberate ourselves from any form of control. It means that we are not prisoners of our adult life. In every adult’s heart, there is a child’s life that will stay there for eternity. It is the eternal part of THE REAL ME structure.  In our favourite childhood photo we might find  our inner child looking at as. Those eyes are our hope for a cure for disconnection with ourselves. The heartbeat of our very own simplicity, pure joy and vulnerability.