Martin is the most chilled out psychotherapist I have ever met in my life. His therapeutic approach works wonders. Thank you!

Gabrielle - Sherman Oaks, California

I was blown away by how powerful that one session was. This changed my life!

Michael Persy - London, UK

Was unsure of what to expect but ended up having a great healing session. Thank you!

Ida - Salzburg, Austria

Healing Energy Works is a great place for finding the help you need. Thank you!

Shannon K. - New York, USA

I think it would be difficult to find a better therapist online. The healing experience was great. Appointment was on time. Martin was able to figure out very quickly what was wrong with me. All in all, great healing experience. Thank you!

Eric - Jasper, Texas

I truly believe that Martin's healing practice is the most powerful, natural, and human way for people to heal.

Claire Evans - Vancouver, Canada

If you are lost and in need of direction, this therapy is definitely the place to be. Thank you so much!

Elias Berglund - Linköping, Sweden

I found Martin's counselling to be very human and simple. He asks the right questions and provides practical advice.

Isabella - Netanya, Israel

Thank you Martin for being there, couldn’t have done it without your help.

Emma, Dresden / Germany

Martin is one of the most loving, down to earth and to the point, rational and fun individuals I’ve been able to interact with. I would highly recommend him to anyone whom needs help.

Julie - Prague, Czech Republic


I was going through a difficult time in my life and Martin helped me to make sense of my situation. I attended 3 sessions and having Martin as my psychotherapist helped me to lift a huge mental weight off myself as he was very inspirational to talk to. Thank you for everything!

Mark Garcia - Laguna Beach, USA

Martin helped me to deal with my grief. The compassion shown to me, was beyond anything I would have expected.

Amy - San Francisco, USA

Please keep up the phenomenal work!

Frank - Chicago, USA

You have provided professional guidance, comfort, and strength. All my hope that you continue along this path.

Lucas - Berlin, Germany

I am happy to write this: Martin you really saved my life. Thank you so much!

Patricia - Bologna, Italy

A healing journey

from NO, I Can’t

to YES, I Can!



The only one who knows the truth about how we perceived and how we felt about what happened to us as children is the child within. The subconscious mind programming we underwent as a child may be causing internal emotional pain today. Most of those programs are still controlling our subconscious patterns today. Being hateful, self-critical, disempowering, and even self-sabotaging. The subconscious mind is the habit mind and around 95% of the day, our life is coming  out of the programs in our subconscious. In this 120 minutes  therapy we consciously reconnect with the wounded child within, the part of us that has been hurt  and often having  an intense fear of abandonment. We concentrate on healing and protecting the wounded child within, the part of us that may feel unloved, unhappy, unworthy, that does not belong anywhere.  This healing therapy of opening sacred, safe and loving space can plug us back into our authentic joyfulness and long forgotten dreams. It’s a healing journey from No I Can’t to Yes I Can! Being more joyful and less afraid to restart our new life. The HEALING ENERGY WORKS inner child therapy is a beautiful magical process.