Below are some common FAQ’s. If you have any other questions that are not answered below, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Does a person need faith to be healed?

My work is not with Christians, Jews or Muslims. I work with human beings. The soul that truly seeks is given what it needs. The only one faith here is needed: Be courageous enough to let go your physical or emotional pain with the help of God or not. 

Do you believe in God?

I do not. I believe in love pulsing in our  heart intelligence. Always enough for me.

How to recognize a good healer?

I am not sure if there is such a thing as a good or a bad healer. Everyone is doing the best they can. There is healing done that works and healing that  may not work. Being a healer is not owning crystals, becoming a Reiki Master or a Kundalini Yoga teacher in New York. Simply, rubbing crystals, laying hands on the sick to heal  or to be enlightened  is not going to fix everything. I believe that you don’t choose this type of work. It chooses you.  I believe that all natural healers and shamans are born and awaken to heal through their life experiences. Having formal training  and a lot of certifications on the wall does not make you a healer, shaman or a therapist.  I don’t label myself as a healer that much. Being a healer is the part of me only. I am also a great cook, traveler, musician, painter, photographer and a thousands other big little creative energies within me. Actually, I never wanted to be a healer. I just wanted to heal myself from my physical and emotional wounds quickly as possible. That was all it was. I didn’t have any idea that one day I’ll be a able to go to the core of the universe and to the main answer who am I. Since then I read  the human energy field  as a natural ability. I didn’t have any idea that I can alter, change and balance pretty much any energy, vibrations and frequencies in our bodies, minds and hearts. Most likely, I would  decline this kind of offer that time. If interested, please feel free to read my personal healing story. I just simply know and feel  that I am a very good at it and my healing energy bridge works 99.9 % perfectly. There needs to be a tiny space for imperfection. I don’t analyse  my healing methods that much. I keep it simple and rooted in common sense. The bottom line is this: I am not being empathetic towards my clients. I never feel sorry for them. I am not attached to the feeling  of helping people. It’s more about sharing and cultivating together one of the most  beautiful energy of humanity simply called a helping hand.  As we grow to be more responsible, we  might  discover that we have two hands. One for helping ourselves, the other for helping others.  It is essential for human survival. I treat every client with the real compassion, love, and respect. It comes naturally and goes effortlessly. I always  have a strong, earthy and natural spiritual approach. I like it simple. Simplicity refers to direct living and living life naturally listening to the heartbeat of people. We’re the same electricity, just lighting up a different bulb. Sometimes that bulb goes off and there’s a darkness. I am just a tiny light in that darkness, illuminating the path until you replace your broken bulb.  I always tell to people that whatever healing they experienced during my sessions was a beautiful healing gift from themselves,  not me or God. We are all Gods in  our own Universe. We are the answer to all our questions, problems, and longings. In any case, my suggestion is to search for a healer that resonates with you and trust your intuition on this. I simply believe that the right people always comes into your live when you are ready for it.

Can I work with more healers? 

Absolutely yes, but always follow your guts. Your intuition arises as a feeling within your body that only you experience. I am just asking to stay away from other healing therapies for 3 days before and after my therapy to ensure that healing energies flowing within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body moves unobstructed. 

I am confused with all those spiritual teachings online. What do you teach?

I am an energy healer. I don’t teach or preach anything. I am not interested in that. There are so many different copy and paste teachings, so many spiritual teachers, gurus, life coaches and mentors,  therapists and experts on everything. Maybe too many and it’s called the self help industry. Many people hope a big spiritual shift or awakening will do all the dirty work for them. It won’t, and it doesn’t. I am not obsessed with any spiritual ideas marketed for the masses. Not my cup of tea. I feel that we have only one short  beautiful  life to live. Imagine  on average only seventy five beautiful summers. You can be  a non-spiritual atheist. You can meditate like a buddhist monk who sold his Ferrari  or you can be a deeply religious person praying 24/7. In the end it even doesn’t matter. It is still only on average seventy five summers. Fill them with love and with the beauty of imperfection being yourself. It’s the only time we’ve got here.


How many healing sessions do I need?

I do not prescribe a explicit number of sessions. It is completely up to your free will  to ask for what you need. You’ll figure out what works best for you. It depends on the severity of your condition, diagnosis and the energy density of your resistance. Your physical therapy can be short-term like one or two sessions, focusing on a specific issue or longer-term  up to five sessions, addressing more complex issues. If you book into your first session and expect to leave completely cured, you might be disappointed. I always do my best, but  it’s not a magic cure-all.  My healing therapy is an ongoing process, and one session may not have solve all your problems.  Tackling one issue at a time is more healthy for your energy field.  It also puts less stress on your body, mind and soul. In short, one session or up to five sessions could be all it takes. In general, with your help I can cure any disease, even those we call “incurable”. I always feel  precisely what I am and what I am  not capable of. I never put weight on my shoulder that I can not carry. For instance, I do only 3 healing sessions per day to eliminate being burnt out. 

 What’s your specialty?

None. However, my favourite conditions to heal are chronic rheumatic or musculoskeletal conditions,  joint diseases, physical disability, spinal disorders and many chronic, or long-lasting digestive diseases .For some strange reason I am very good at it. In the  field of human psyche I love to work with Combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorders and the Inner Child Reconnection. 

How many alternative psychotherapy sessions do I need?

The length of treatment for psychological problems will necessarily vary from one individual to another. Only one session or up to five sessions. Just imagine to heal the real root of your panic attack or PTSD within one or three easy breezy sessions instead being trapped in the western psychotherapy Mind Game that can last months  or even years. I like it simple, effortlessly and fast as possible. Nothing is impossible. We can either see everything as a miracle or nothing as a miracle.

I’m interested in Inner Child Reconnection Therapy. How many healing sessions will I need?

You need only one session.  The Reconnection is a beautiful and sacred process that is usually done once in a lifetime. 

I’m interested in Sexual Energy Cleansing. How many healing sessions will I need?

Only one session is necessary. 

How soon I should book my another session?

Allowing at least a week in between each of your sessions creates space for you to consciously and subconsciously process the healing session. 

Are there any potential side effects or risks to using your alternative therapies?

My healing practices, and treatments are not part of standard or traditional health care establishment, but all my healing practices and  treatments are beyond  safe. No potential side effects or risks.  If you’re concern about your safety, please feel free to first discuss it with your health care team. I would never suggest you do something you don’t want to do, to delay surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and other traditional treatment or to follow any healing advice  blindly.  The HEALING ENERGY WORKS therapy is not trying to change anyone, to convert anyone or manipulate anyone. Just trust your gut and follow our very own path in healing. It might be purely alternative, it might be purely mainstream or a mixture. Whatever works for you.

Are you a Reiki healer?

My work is beyond the concept and modality of Reiki. I have developed my very own form of healing throughout the last 8  years I’ve been an energy healer. I have nothing against any useful healing modality available to us. As an example, I still  use certain shamanic techniques within the practice of psychotherapy.

How is your healing done?

This is best experienced rather than described.  I’m always  simplifying my healing therapy approach. The first stage of wound healing is to stop the bleeding. In short, I am your MRI, CT scan and a little Freud all in one. I feel that most of the people would love to get back on their feet as soon as possible. When a person is diagnosed with  the top killer lung and bronchial cancer, in this emotional shape nobody  cares about the quantum energy field, cosmic vibrational consciousness, finding the authentic self, Akasha records or whatever.   The bottom line is that people want to get healed and asking for help.  And that is all I need to know in order to help.   I can sense and see the energy of the body, mind and heart and the problems causing the pain on the energetic level. For instance, I can see your body organs, all maps and diagrams of the body and precisely pinpoint or put my finger on to locate your health problem. The main source and roots of it and energetically heal and seal it. Our body is a holographic projection of our consciousness. I am operating during the healing session outside of the “normal limitations” of time and space. During the healing session I am connected with the true nature of myself beyond any conventional healing modalities. I am literally overwriting your current body, mind, soul system and sub system energy, replacing the old data with new data. You are not getting my personal energy in any way. You are receiving the healing inner and outer non dualistic vibrational energy from the healing core of the Universe, somewhere where LOVE IS AND LOVE GROWS  and it flows as it needs to enhance your natural ability to heal. This natural healing  energy rewires you on a deep level and it helps your body, mind and soul to finally feel lighter and free. The healing experience can be quite transformative.

In short, this is how it works:

  • STEP #1  Reading your Energy Field
  • STEP #2  Neutralizing your physical and mental blocks
  • STEP #3  Healing your Energy Field
  • STEP #4  Boosting, Sealing and Harmonizing your Energy Field
  • STEP #5  Grounding your Energy Field
  • STEP #6  Follow Up

A follow-up  chat takes place right after the healing session to check on your progress and answer any post session questions.



There’s nothing that is scientifically proven in your healing therapy. Do I have to believe in this for it to work on me?

It is always nice to check our brains at the door. However, the left-brained world is limited, therefore  just a tiny slice of the universe is  the scientific, about 5%. All the rest is the occult.  The human pain doesn’t care  if we are sceptics or believers or how our rent is paid.  Our cells do not judge whether they are healed by a radiation therapist, a silent prayer or an ancient Shamanic drumming. In short, I  always work with human beings who are ready to heal. During the healing therapy I work somewhere beyond judgment and ego. I have experienced the healing session with  the hardcore scientist, catholic priests, snipers or with  the  dean of the school of medicine and many others. There is no difference for me. 

What’s the best way to prepare for my healing session?

Please read  Before The Healing Session Guide by clicking here.

How long the energy healing session takes?

I do not work with anyone on stopwatch, but we only have a limited amount of time together. Please reserve at least 2 hours of your time for this experience, around 30 to 60 minutes physical healing plus 30 minutes follow up right after the healing session to check on your progress and answer any post session questions  and an hour and a half for all psychotherapy sessions.  Sometimes it might take us a little longer. Don’t worry, nothing is extra wrong with you and there’s no extra charge as well.

Is your therapy confidential?

In almost every instance, my therapy is absolutely confidential. I maintain confidentiality about everything said in sessions, just like a doctor is required to keep his records private. While there are laws and regulations in place to protect your privacy, confidentiality is also a key part of psychology’s code of ethics. 

I’m 6 months pregnant. Is your physical healing therapy online safe?

Yes, it is perfectly safe for you and your child as well.

Can children have your healing session?

Absolutely yes. The age doesn’t matter. However, if your child is physically or emotionally ill it is usually caused by your very own dysfunctional family dynamics, the patterns of interactions between family members that influence family structure, hierarchy, roles, values, and behaviours. And yes, you were chosen to be your child’s mother or father. And no, you’re not a failure as a parent. 

How long will it take for physical treatment to work?

Simply, you will know. If you had aches or pains they should be minimized if not gone altogether. The healing process may be complete immediately, or it may take a  few days or even weeks to integrate. 

How can I evaluate whether psychotherapy is working for me?

You would definitely feel that.  When you feel lighter, independent and empowered by your very own heart intelligence. This is a beautiful  feeling not coming from your mind, but  the phenomenon of love. You may feel a wide range of emotions discussing painful and troubling experiences during therapy. Emotions need to be openly expressed to be processed. Just peeling back the mask and reconnection with your authentic self. When this happens, it can actually be a positive sign that you are starting to explore your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. I believe that only a strong, open heart, human to human therapeutic experience can lead to real change.

 What does your  healing feel like?

Each healing can be quite different as various healing methods are employed. You may feel something, you may feel nothing or you may feel everything. While the healing is taking place, you may experience inner calm, heat, tingle sensation, feelings of emotional release, peace and uplifting.  The most of my healing sessions are effortless and  enjoyable.

A friend of mine recommended me your alternative healing therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I served in Iraq. Can you help me please?

Yes, I can definitely help you to heal. Combat PTSD is defined as a specific type of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) experienced by men and women who have been in combat. I am working with any military veterans in the Army, Navy  or Air Force in the worldFrom Israel, United States  to Croatia or Serbia. Please click here.

Will your therapy cure me?

Some people cannot be cured, but everyone can heal. I can bring unbalanced, ungrounded or emotionally unstable person back to the health and harmony within 30 minutes. This alone can be called cure. However, I can’t cure your acute appendicitis. 

Is it ethical for healers to earn money for their services?

I just feel it is absolutely OK to charge at least some money for my healing services. It has taken me years of dedicated time to do what I love to do.  Yes, some healers don’t charge anything at all.  However, when you give away too much of yourself  without ever receiving, you’re not living in balance. You must now please excuse me. I need to go to polish my Rolls Royce to perfection.:-)

Where is therapy in person taking place? 

I live in the Piemonte region of Italy. It is one of the core zones of the UNESCO World Heritage. Just a short trip from Milan. Most therapies in person takes place in the charming farmhouse in the forest, there’s quite a wide array of healing benefits. Although it is located along a dirt private road, it is not difficult to find. ​​Once booked, I’ll send you more information to prep for your session and step by step driving directions.

What if I don’t speak English fluently? Can I book your therapy?

I am a Czech-born American. I speak fluently English, Czech and Slovak.  I speak a little Italian, German and Russian. For my physical and distant healing therapy a very basic English is OK. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but it is important to clearly understand all instructions in English.  If you speak absolutely no English  please arrange the interpreter. This doesn’t mean you have to hire a professional interpreter. It might be a close friend, a close relative or neighbour who can help you to quickly translate my instructions via video call.  This will make our healing interaction a little easier. For the alternative psychotherapy please be fluent in English. That doesn’t mean that your English has to be 100% perfect.