To Cut an Unhealthy Bond With Someone



Our physical existence is full of healthy and unhealthy relationships.  In every relationship, we are exchanging energy. Because we are all connected, we become impacted by both positive and negative energy and begin to accumulate energy cords. An etheric cord is an energy structure that connects to our energy bodies. These connections enable us to bond with each other.   These connections can be the creation of love and trust energy, but it can also be the creation of hate and  fear energy. We create etheric cords  consciously and unconsciously  with everyone that we are close with. In short,  anything that we have ever had an interaction with can have an energy cord or an energetic connection to us. Cords can be created and removed between any two people that have emotional relationships. It can also connect us to groups of other people, communities, spaces, or to an object. We are born with etheric cords. The very first energy cord we create is to our mothers when we are conceived.  When it comes to unhealthy and toxic relationships, it is best to cut the etheric connection filled with energetic patterns which are disruptive, painful, limiting and dense. To cut, remove and heal energy cords is an effective way to get back our life force energy. Large and thick cords are typically formed with close loved ones like our parents, children or partner. All the healthy, love sharing and nurturing connections are beneficial to us. However, all negatively charged energy cords can  interrupt the positive energy in our auric field and become a huge drag. With an opening, rips or tears in our auric field from a negative energy cord, this allows energy to be lost, or taken by the person. Negative energy cords can create all kinds of issues, both physical and emotional, and can often cause us to take on the emotional problems of others.  They can also leave us feeling stuck and unable to move on when and where we want to. It is also important to have awareness of how these cords got formed in the first place. Sometimes, we might attract a specific type of negative person because of the mutual emotional issues we both need to heal. 

Sometimes, we become attached to a toxic person and can’t let go. Some “energy vampires”, such as a narcissist,  are so toxic we’ll need to stop all contact with them. Energy vampires are friends,  family members or the manipulative coworker  who literally zap our vital energy every day. They leave us feeling drained after every contact. Let’s check out our social circle: The Victim, or The Poor-me,  The Control Freak and The Critic, The Drama Queen or The King. With each role, come different energy cord.  In short energy vampire is somebody who doesn’t take responsibility for themselves. What makes energy vampires so toxic is that they can be sources of chronic stress. But let’s not blame anyone here. Some energy vampires may have inherited those character traits from a parent and they’re unaware of how their behavior affects others. The “keep moving and never look back” approach  might not be as effective. Saying a few affirmations is not going to stop someone. Oftentimes, even long after a relationship has ended, we maintain these energetic cords that are draining us. Basically, cutting energy cords directly from the root is to remove someone from our energy field permanently and break the energy that bind us.  Learning to set healthy boundaries, or if necessary complete breaks, with those who drain us will protect our vulnerability and enhance our well-being.  Cords of attachment should not be confused with spiritual ties, which are of a high vibration and charged with unconditional love. Love always remains.

As we move through our lives we might learn to let go of that which no longer serves us. When we let go, we create space. This space is that of potential, of possibility. My 90 minutes therapy is all about the sacred space and release of unhealthy and toxic bonds through shamanic healing work and guided visualisation. Removing etheric cords directly from the roots, healing and sealing them will actually help you move on from trauma and unpleasant experiences. Instantly. This therapy can give you new perspective that permanently releases you from your relationship and/or situation. I’ll just wrap up my summary this way:

Healing Energy Works