Sexual Energy Imprints,

Cords and Attachments


Whether we are involved in a  long-term relationship or just having a one night sexual encounter with a man or woman, sexual intercourse is an energetic exchange.  Sexual intercourse  is an exchange of many energies, vibrations and frequencies: pleasure, love, intimacy, fun, joy, playfulness, confidence, dominance, submission, adventure, orgasms,  shame, guilt, fear, pain, disappointment, anger, sadness, irritation and the like. As a result, it is very likely that the exchange of subtle-energies between two or more people throughout kissing, touching, penetrating and ejaculating is spiritually creative or destructive. Most of people cannot perceive this effect instantly, as we do not have our  intuitive skills well developed. We use sex as a tool of liberation or slavery.  Let’s say for instance we use sex as a tool of manipulation in a relationship. We are slaving ourselves and others. It is purely our choice. They are either high vibrational or low vibrational energies or some sort of a temporary mixture. A mixture of high and low vibrational energy   is created when two or more different energy are physically combined and can  always be separated back into its original structure. This same apply among group, orgy or swingers sex party  attendees. The more sexual partners involved, the more energetic memories  we accumulate.

Beyond the physical act of sex on the energetic level we always share fragments of each other’s spirit during and after having sex.  It creates a powerful bond and sex definitely has its healing abilities.  It creates energetic imprints  when there is a strong release of emotional or mental energy of sexual attraction or love-based attraction.  Imprints are often energetic memories. These memories are held in our energy bodies by the imprint structure and replay over and over again. The more we are with our sexual partner, the more we form this energetic imprints. Our energetic imprints might create energetic attachments. These attachments are known as etheric cords and they are energy links between two or more people.  The etheric cord  inside our bodies formed by us and  our past lovers, sexual partners or a one night stand is still very much alive even after so many years. This is true for both male and female.  If we have sex with partners who are full of  caring and loving energy, we absorb that same energy. In the same manner, if we have sex with destructive or abusive people, we might notice a negative undesirable energy that we may have acquired during sex. This energy can create a blockage in our spiritual energy system causing disharmony and might significantly impact how we function in future relationships. 


Our sexual energy arises from the first and the second chakra. When something obstructs and weakens our sexual energy center, it leads to all kinds of issues like sex addictions or low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, frigidity, sexual kinks and fetishes, aggressive sexual behavior, homophobic tendencies, public sex,  being extremely prudish, new sexual role playing, new sexual fantasies, feeling guilty  or ashamed, feeling jealous or insecure.  In short, there is something new and strange that we might or might not like to keep as a chapter in our own interactive sexual story. 



A sexual energy cleanse is an ancient old way to purify our bodies and to cut the sexual cords with previous partners to enhance our emotional balance and vital life force energy. My 90 minutes therapy HEALING ENERGY WORKS releasing the past momentum of suppressed energy and accumulated imbalances to make conscious choices towards our sexual partners and our sexual preferences. I’ll just wrap up my summary this way:

Healing Energy Works