Before The Healing Session

The Main Keyword Is RELAX

I recommend that you give yourself one day off entirely. The healing experience can be quite transformative. Please schedule your first appointment on a day off or at a time when you have little else to worry about. Each person’s experience is unique to them. Some people feel fine enough after therapy to go back to work, while others need several hours to relax with the feelings that therapy may reveal.  It’s absolutely normal.

Go Easy on Yourself

Before your appointment please try to relax in whatever way feels best for you. Try to do this at least 30 minutes before your session.  Some clients like to meditate, pray or listen to music before the healing session.  Yes, it’s perfectly normal to be a little anxious, overwhelmed or even excited before your first therapy session. Allow yourself to just be with your feelings and go easy on yourself.

Please Be Clear

Before your session, please try to understand what brought you to therapy and how you hope to leave. Please be very clear on your medical or mental issue and try to summarize it by a few sentences. There’s not time in one healing session to deal with every single issue you might have. Sometimes it’s normal to be unsure or need some help sorting it out. Every healing therapy session is unique and I tailor my therapeutic approach to your specific needs. By reading your energies I always focus on your biggest priority making sure it aligns with your highest needs.

Your Very Own Time For Healing

 This is your private session. It’s your relaxing day. Your very own time for healing. The most important thing is to make sure that your phone calls, family members, kids or animals can’t distract you in your room before, during and at least 15 minutes after the session.

Dress Comfy

Please wear comfortable clothes to your session. Whatever feels right. I really don’t care about your make up, messy hair or wearing pajamas  all day. Just be yourself. During the healing session  you might be asked to stretch your body.  Sometimes your body needs to unwind and release energy patterns.  You might be asked to touch  your body  at certain meridians, or pressure points to make the needed self-corrections following the guidance of your body’s GPS inner wisdom. Usually, just for a few seconds on and off. If this is your physical healing  therapy I do not need to see your undressed body and/or your injured  parts directly. You do not need to ever take your clothes off for an energy healing session. I sense your body differently, throughout the energy field. If necessary, I might ask you to remove your watch and shoes in order to get you grounded and more centered.

Sign in Skype or WhatsApp

Your video healing session can be held via Skype or WhatsApp. At your appointment start time, please sign in Skype or WhatsApp and contact me.   My Skype user name is: Healing Energy Works.

Be on Time & Don’t Waste Time

My therapy start always on time, and go at a leisurely pace. When you respect your time, others will too. My rule of thumb for how long I should wait for someone who is late is 10 minutes. If you don’t value your time, others won’t either. This kind of thing doesn’t happen often. After 10 minutes of waiting for you, I usually move on with my day or evening.


Light A Candle

You might light a candle and burn a stick of incense in your room if you wish. Your candle symbolizes light in the darkness and it speaks beyond words. Scented candles can elevate a relaxing atmosphere. You can have your very own ceremonial objects, holy pictures or any religious symbols near by.

Be Yourself

You may sit during the whole session comfortable in a chair or you may lie down with your laptop. Have some coffee, tea or a glass of wine. Whatever smooth out your little tension, especially during the psychotherapy session. If you’re smoker, please feel free to smoke. This is not your doctor’s appointment. Simply, be yourself. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

There’s no shame, so please don’t be afraid to ask questions. During your session, you can talk as much or as little as you’d like . It’s all about your comfort. Everything you say is completely confidential.

Kleenex Handy

This might be a very practical advice. I’ve witnessed during and after my therapy the healing power of tears. Tears are powerful, beautiful things, a sign of courage, strength, and authenticity for both men and women. Tears are our body’s release valve for stress, sadness, grief, anxiety, and frustration.  Also, we can have tears of joy. Your body, mind and soul simply knows they’re getting back into the nature of life. Please have some Kleenex tissues handy and just smile.