Martin is the most chilled out psychotherapist I have ever met in my life. His therapeutic approach works wonders. Thank you!

Gabrielle - Sherman Oaks, California

I was blown away by how powerful that one session was. This changed my life!

Michael Persy - London, UK

Was unsure of what to expect but ended up having a great healing session. Thank you!

Ida - Salzburg, Austria

Healing Energy Works is a great place for finding the help you need. Thank you!

Shannon K. - New York, USA

I think it would be difficult to find a better therapist online. The healing experience was great. Appointment was on time. Martin was able to figure out very quickly what was wrong with me. All in all, great healing experience. Thank you!

Eric - Jasper, Texas

I truly believe that Martin's healing practice is the most powerful, natural, and human way for people to heal.

Claire Evans - Vancouver, Canada

If you are lost and in need of direction, this therapy is definitely the place to be. Thank you so much!

Elias Berglund - Linköping, Sweden

I found Martin's counselling to be very human and simple. He asks the right questions and provides practical advice.

Isabella - Netanya, Israel

Thank you Martin for being there, couldn’t have done it without your help.

Emma, Dresden / Germany

Martin is one of the most loving, down to earth and to the point, rational and fun individuals I’ve been able to interact with. I would highly recommend him to anyone whom needs help.

Julie - Prague, Czech Republic


I was going through a difficult time in my life and Martin helped me to make sense of my situation. I attended 3 sessions and having Martin as my psychotherapist helped me to lift a huge mental weight off myself as he was very inspirational to talk to. Thank you for everything!

Mark Garcia - Laguna Beach, USA

Martin helped me to deal with my grief. The compassion shown to me, was beyond anything I would have expected.

Amy - San Francisco, USA

Please keep up the phenomenal work!

Frank - Chicago, USA

You have provided professional guidance, comfort, and strength. All my hope that you continue along this path.

Lucas - Berlin, Germany

I am happy to write this: Martin you really saved my life. Thank you so much!

Patricia - Bologna, Italy

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ADD & ADHD Therapy

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Loss & Grief Counseling

Spiritual Crisis & Emergency

The alternative therapy HEALING ENERGY WORKS is a process of self-actualisation and self-realisation, which helps clients to discover the deep core of their essential self. My unique psychotherapy is creative, playful and speedy. I use  a mixture of traditional therapy and shamanic practice to help restore physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Besides the HEART BRAIN BODY BRIDGE CONNECTION and shamanism, some of the commonly used methods in my therapy include: Imagination and Intuition, Meditation and Guided Visualisation, Body Awareness and Movement, Quantum Healing, Neuro-linguistic programming, Inner Child Reconnection and Jungian Shadow Work. Shadow work is the process of diving into the unconscious and revealing its fixations in order to integrate them into conscious awareness. Another blend of traditional  psychotherapy I use during my sessions is Gestalt therapy or what it calls “organismic holism,” the importance of being aware of the here and now and accepting responsibility for yourself.  You can begin the  journey towards a  healthier you anytime you wish. My 90 minutes psychotherapy sessions are extremely powerful, sometimes gentle and sometimes rough. But I always love to listen and balance your heartbeat. One session or up to five online sessions could be all it takes. It depends on the severity of your condition, diagnosis and the energy density of your resistance to let go of what no longer serves you.

If we are tired of the way things are but aren’t sure how to approach change, we can get drunk and fall a sleep, call a friend or  find a therapist. People go to therapy for all kinds of reasons. There is no recipe for healing that suits all cases. The shoe that fits one person pinches another. Psychotherapy can be useful during many of life’s obstacles, not just for mental health problems. So many clients, want therapist  to just acknowledge their trauma, their pain and their sadness. They just want to be heard, validated and loved in the most basic form of love, but so many therapists won’t do that. It’s too simple. It’s too human. Yes,  if we can’t feel ordinary love, we cannot reach any higher. Attention is the most basic form of love. By paying attention, we let ourselves be touched by life, and our hearts naturally become more open, alive and engaged.  A long time ago I’ve realized that my grandma’ Jewish penicillin, or more humbly known as chicken soup with healthiest outlook on life was more healing than a  mainstream psychotherapy.  The invisible essence of love was always present in that chicken soup for my soul.  She simply already knew that whatever is done with love, is done well. Sometimes, it takes a lifetime to discover this simplest wisdom of life. The power of mind is not the same as the power of love.  The brain can and does link memories and emotions using chemical signals that tell other parts of the brain and the body how to respond when that memory is triggered. When our mind crashes, freezes, or gets stuck, a hard reset  by our heart intelligence might be necessary.  The mind intelligence is knowledge. The heart intelligence is understanding. Only if we understand why something bothers us can we detach from it, let go and being free again. By understanding we can reprogram the brain to neutralize negative emotions and feelings. The process of change requires forgetting what we know about our illusionary world to explore new ways of being. When we go beyond the mind and stay a little brainless, we can reconnect with the beauty of life like love, forgiveness, gratitude, kindness, compassion. All that beauty comes  naturally only from our heart intelligence. A fish cannot drown in water. A bird does not fall in air.  And the human heart cannot die. The heart is made of love and must ever strive to return to love. Throughout human history, many cultures and spiritual shamanistic practices have emphasized the importance of following our heart, listening to our heart, and gaining wisdom and intelligence from our heart. Our heart intelligence is the doorway to the healing power of love. And love never comes from the mind, only from the heart . THE REAL ME. The real me sees and knows things that are not identical with what the eyes of the mind can see. Feeling and thinking are two completely different dimensions, unless beautifully harmonized. What’s needed for anything to work and to be truly therapeutic, healing and permanent is THE HEART BRAIN BODY CONNECTION.  We are not suffering our life itself, we are suffering our memories in our brain and heart.  Our very own fear, guilt, shame and an emotional debt are shaping the drama of our memories. And yes, the pain is stored also in our heart intelligence.   Our brain and our heart are registering all those painful memories and traumas simultaneously.  When an experience is recorded as a memory, it goes through the emotional and cognitive filters, associations, assumptions and interpretations of the person. That’s our mind memory process. Our heart  memory process is completely different. It goes through energetic imprints creating  energetic structures of the low or the higher vibrational frequency. The lower the frequency, the denser our energy, and the heavier our problems seem. The higher the frequency of our energy or vibration, the lighter we feel. I strongly believe, that not our mind, but our heart intelligence is the emotional charger of a memory that makes it so potent. Our heart intelligence is always guiding us to  the coming together of all opposites.  Our heart intelligence always prefers to view our emotions as a healthy mix of life, rather than a problem. During my healing sessions I always use  the spiritual gateway of the heart energy to relieve the strong repressed emotion and emotional toxicity that is deeply trapped and connected mostly in our etheric, emotional and mental body. It’s easy and speedy. Releasing the invisible energy which causes our emotional pain through a little distance between THE REAL ME and MIND. Once we experience a little distance between those two dimensions of life – this might be the end of  our PERSONAL DRAMA. This state of the mind has been considered as the most comfortable and restful state of the brain, full of magical activities like healing and regeneration. The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.  Being kind to past versions of ourselves  that didn’t know the things we  know now might be a good start.  When we feel powerless that’s because we stopped listening to our  heart, that’s where our very own FEARLESS LOVE  comes from.  And yes, that grandmother’s chicken soup for the soul might help as well.




The Roots Of Suffering 

&The Beauty of Human Imperfection

We heard this a million times that we are in the same boat. But it’s not that. We are in the same ocean called LIFE, but not in the same boat. Some have sailboats, some canoes, some are swimming and some are drowning. Some people feel the wind, others just get wet. And that’s absolutely OK.  Suffering is one of the most profound and disturbing of human experiences, because the heaviest burdens that we carry are thoughts in our head and some  toxic energy imprints in our heart intelligence  As I previously mentioned, we are not suffering our life itself, we are suffering our memories in our brain, heart and to a certain extent the unfulfilled life of the soul system and sub-systems. Someone who’s never been truly loved before. Many of us think we suffer because of our circumstances and a need of brokenness. When life knocks us down we have unlimited choices. Not only get up or stay down. Sometimes it’s a powerful magic to stay down for a while to break off things  like pride and explore the beauty of modesty, humility and humbleness. Sometimes  the best way if we’re going through hell is to get up and keep going.  Sometimes the best way is to stop and to do absolutely nothing.  It takes time, courage and a lots of self love to  refocus and rebalanced. Everyone is experiences ups and downs, a mixture of life differently.  It takes many lifetimes to  fully understand that suffering is not holding us, we are holding suffering. The choice is always ours.  Here’s the wisest advice: Let go of the past and future. When we let go, we grow. Our past does not exist anymore and the future is created by what we do today.  Yes, living in the present.  In the present there is no suffering.  But now that we know that, what are we going to do about it? Usually, nothing and  most people will  ignore this wisest Buddha’s advice. I know, because I used to be one of them. Of course, we don’t need to become the Buddha. We don’t need to touch our hearts.  We don’t need to move on. We don’t need to forget about whatever bad ever happened with us. We don’t need to believe that things get better. We  don’t need to let go off our fears.  However, our attachment to all those big little dramas in our lives  is the source of all suffering and the result is a deep feeling of disconnection. And some people seem to enjoy this painful state of being. After that initial pain, we usually start to feel numb. Feeling emotionally numb, or a general lack of emotion  can morph into an addiction.  Emotional pain can become an addiction. For many people the concept of addiction involves taking drugs, alcohol or gambling. Nevertheless, we can become addicted to almost anything.  A negative feeling, such as anger, physical pain, worry, grief, fear, or depression, can become so habitual that we cannot live without it.  Our  focus on everything that’s wrong in our life is a beautiful feeling. Unconsciously, we are in love with our misery. Consciously, we are hating our misery. This way we create our internal conflicts and our internal struggles. When we hit an emotional rock bottom , it makes us realize that  we need to change the way we do something. I strongly believe  that a wake-up call is a terrible thing to waste. The psychological benefits of  YES, I AM SUFFERING, PLEASE HELP ME is a powerful  acceptance, emotional release and a healing start of our lives. And beautiful things will happen. We stop to believe that  we are all open to sickness, misery and death. Yes, die before we die it would be a good idea. But it takes a hell of a lot of self-discovery, courage and love. We stop  to believe that we are all suffering. We stop to believe that we are victims of life. Another common myth is that suffering is something to avoid or something that needs to be suppressed. My therapy HEALING ENERGY WORKS does not regard suffering as an enemy that needs to be suppressed, because almost all suffering is born from a lack of understanding of reality. Simply put, emotions that are not expressed will always end up somewhere. The roots of human suffering mostly comes from living in a mindset of duality. Our human suffering is intensify by our unresolved traumatic past, fear of the future, unconscious battle within ourselves, social conditioning, outdated mind programming, recycling the same painful traumas and dramas imprinted in our family emotional DNA. We pass on the trauma and we pass on the suffering unconsciously, from one generation to the next. While I have no desire to be provocative, I feel that graphic portrayals of the suffering Jesus Christ  simply added fuel to the fire.  Some people still believe  that we need to crucify ourselves patiently waiting in line to get into heaven someday. The relation between the Christian’s suffering and the sufferings of Christ is  deeply misunderstood. We have somehow adopted this idea that humans must suffer. The feelings associated with the crucifixion could be anger, shame, resentment, hatred, guilt. and  it could lead to an emotional debt.  I don’t know that much about theology, but I feel that our suffering and pain  don’t binds us with God or each other. Only love does, if you wish.  I consider our mental suffering a spiritual separation or disconnection from our authentic true self – THE REAL ME. Suppressing our emotions, whether it’s love, anger, sadness, grief or frustration, can lead to disconnection. One way we deal with our emotional pain is that we freeze that traumatic part of us and we put a defense mechanism over it in order to cope. Living in denial, we’re protecting ourselves by refusing to accept the truth about something that’s happening in our life. Living in repression, we’re simply avoiding thinking about something to block out painful or uncomfortable feelings. Living in intellectualization, we’re using logic to avoid  anxiety provoking emotions. We are the story we tell ourselves. Yes, we humans are storytellers.  Our stories,  produced in our minds, give us belief that the life choices we have made are good or bad ones. We have a right to believe whatever we want.  Sometimes our natural defence mechanism helps. Sometimes it hurts. But it is always only  a quick fix to our emotional pain. It works temporarily. Like fixing a broken vase with a simple chewing gum. It holds together. Our chewing gum tastes like this: I am so done with him, Get over it, Get out back there, For God’s sake it’s time to move on. Add to this the overdose of stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine flowing through our veins, leaving us with overwhelming obstacles that prevent us from moving forward. This is the moment when our mind won’t let our body move. We are completely paralyzed and for some people it’s hard to get unstuck. I strongly believe, there is no such thing as healthy or unhealthy coping mechanisms, but moving on might be not the best, but still the most practical psychology of letting go. Sometimes when we move on, the universe moves with us.  Sometimes we move on, but  the pain usually stays with us. Sometimes we move on and we move through the pain. Flying through the most intense hurricanes. Through the storms of the memories. When we come out from the storm we won’t be the same. That’s what this beautiful storm is all about. Yes,  it’s a scary movie.  Yes,  it’s a  painful drama.  It’s a heroic action thriller, if you wish. In any case, we always do our best and whatever helps us win.  But, there are no winners and no losers in the battle of the human psyche. The war that never was. From the single point of unity, all reality is created by duality. We can experience our suffering as light and dark, love and hate or war and peace. This polarity is something that helps us sometimes to move on from one point to another.  Everything that is experienced in life is a reflection of our own selves. And it becomes important to love ourselves in every possible projection. To love our own light in the darkness and to love our own darkness in the light. Feeling the naked truth in  our personal ups and downs that make life worth living. If we can accept our downs and the beauty of human imperfection without it giving rise to mental suffering, then in a very real sense we are liberated from suffering.

The HEALIG ENERGY WORKS therapy is all about the healing energy where we are eternally loved, beautiful and blessed no matter what. But we are always somehow trapped and having so many  endless thoughts that we are hated, ugly and cursed. The stories we tell about ourselves and others shape who we are. Storytelling occurs at our most basic experience of loving or hating the world. The stories we tell ourselves provide an insight into our subconscious minds where our fear, shame and guilt are shaping the way we see the world and ourselves within it. This is a hidden mechanism that creates misery, difficulty changing habits, relationship problems, frustration, anger and disappointment. We do it all day long. But most of the time, we aren’t even aware of our story. Becoming aware of the stories we tell ourselves is always a good idea. And when we change the stories we tell ourselves, we can change the way we see the world and ourselves within it. And yes, we can change and raise the vibration hierarchy of our feelings, emotions and thoughts. We can feel  higher, freer, lighter, and happier in our life instantly.  However, it is impossible to be the driver of our life if all we do is play the victim card blaming the the existence of evil and suffering in our world.







Living Beyond Fear

Some psychological theories propose that fear is a biologically basic emotion of all humans and  serves an important role in keeping us safe. I strongly believe that our fear itself is an illusion. What keeping us safe to cope with potential danger is  our natural survival circuit coming directly from our heart intelligence. The fear itself always comes from our mind and not from our heart. If we don’t trust to ourselves  than  we usually don’t trust to anyone. Therefore, we  are the most fearful creatures on the planet now living in a central state of fear. And yes, scared people are easy to control, manipulate and abuse. When our whole life is controlled by fear, it starts to get to us. Our fear is engraved on our mind  and can be personalized to perfection for everyone. Not all of us may have  the same psychological or neurobiological structure in processing different fear stimuli, but the universal trigger for fear is the fear of death. The fear that drives us. Our actions and reactions are rooted in this fear, played out unconsciously. Many, if not most of people can’t imagine what our life would be like if we had no fear. When our actions are rooted in love consciously, there is no fear. Living without fear would alter our life significantly. To a certain extent the mind is not programmed for this scenario and holds people back from  becoming the best version of themselves. Living in constant fear is toxic to our energy field. Fear of failure, fear of abandonment, fear of not being good enough, fear of not having enough. The real issue is not the fear itself, but rather how we hold it in our minds. Sometimes it seems we have collectively moved during evolution from our brave hearts  to our fearful minds. We didn’t get there overnight. It is a stressful race filled with the fear of death  with the most tragic background losing the connection with ourselves. The fear of death follows from the fear  of life. We are afraid to die. We are afraid to live. The fear looking into a mirror and hating our reflection. Being stuck and  trapped in a dead-end relationships, jobs and living situations that are far less than lovely. We are walking through life disconnected from our true selves and our authenticity.  When we’re in the physical or mental crisis, we scare ourselves by imagining the worst possible outcomes and creating the stress energy – momentum tensor. This is how fear turns the everyday into a threat. The relaxing news is that we can actually STOP THIS SCARY STORY and influence, shape and EMPOWERED our physical and mental health to an unlimited extent, provided this is in alignment with the nature. Fear itself is a natural  part of being alive and the spice in our life. The fear usually disappears when we’re not afraid of it. Fear itself is a beautiful question: What are you afraid of, and why. In short, our very own fear is a psychological construct, we are the creators of fear and fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind. We can transform the emotional energy that is generated by the fear, decreased our anxiety and manifest the new fearless emotional energy to physical and mental level. Fear is one of the most powerful energy  and isn’t our enemy. It is through fear that we grow and learn the most.  Learn how to live a life free of fear. Step by step and one at a time. The basis is the reconnection of the fearless heart with the fearful mind in  the natural rhythm of the Universe. Sometimes it takes a lifetime, sometimes only one healing session.