All we need is LOVE


That thing called LOVE is a magical healer within, but we’re rarely loving ourselves. That thing called PEACE is a healer within, but we’re constantly fighting in the war that never was. It’s easy.  Give peace a chance. Let it be. All you need is love. Love is all you need. It really doesn’t matter  what we THINK right now about these words.  What’s really matters is what we FEEL about these words. That’s how any healing process starts. That’s how simple it is.  During my healing sessions I always use  the spiritual gateway of the heart energy. I am always listening to your heartbeat. Not to your mind. And some of my clients are having big troubles to believe that something beautiful might be done here. However,  the human heart can send a very powerful energy waves to STOP THE MIND  and to “hack” our brain in order to heal. Yes, being “brainless”  is a pleasurable experience, even if only for a few minutes. When we SURRENDER, we give up the mind obstacles and  we let go of it all. This state of the mind has been considered as the most comfortable and restful state of the brain, full of magical activities like healing and regeneration. What’s needed for anything to work and to be truly healing and permanent is THE HEART BRAIN BODY CONNECTION. Going back. Relearning to LOVE. Relearning to TRUST. We often believe that we cannot change our diagnosis or health conditions, but we can always change our perception. And yes, let’s do it again. Having a sex with a broken leg in cast is amazingly transformative. Not metaphorically, but literally speakingThe moment we change  our perception is the second we rewrite the chemistry of our body instantly. When we look at our illness from a different perspective our mind begins to change but so often we see our illness as problems because we refuse to change our perspective. The best treatment for our health condition is to change our perception by knowing that all of this is coming from a fear induced illusion. The existential crisis created by the illness experience. Concentrating on pain that exists within our body, sends electrical currents to our mind that continues producing the pain.  If we maintain fear, our body responds by adopting the physiology of this fearful state.  The only one thing we want so badly is to return and re-engage with our life. The problem isn’t with our body, the problem is what we think of it. Sometimes we might need to relearn how to listen to our body and give it what it really needs. Of course, we used to lead relatively healthy lives before the illness arrived. For a time we may be angry with our bodies for betraying us like I was eating a lot of vegetables and now you’re giving me this scary cancer? I hate you for that! Our body is still  our best friend and not our enemy.   We don’t fight against our  diagnosis. We liberate and release our  diagnosis into the light in order to heal.